New FAQ update

There a new FAQ update online now at In addition to adding links to this blog, there are a couple minor revisions:

  • I was unclear about the exclusion for 50% of a player’s salary lost to a league (but not team) suspension. It is removed from calculations such as escrow and luxury tax, but it doesn’t generate additional cap room the team can use to sign another player. I updated question numbers 14 and 104 to clarify.
  • In question number 21, I clarified that the team salary used for calculating the luxury tax does not include cap holds and exceptions.
  • I fixed the chart at the end of question number 25. The entry for maximum raises for the Disabled Player exception still said 4.5% — a remnant of the previous CBA. Since this exception can only be used to sign a player for one season (or acquire a player in the last season of his contract) I changed the entry to “N/A.”