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  1. fefe22

    Nice article!
    I do not believe that the Nets want to pair Howard with Lopez in the frontcourt.
    That would be disastruos. If the duo of Howard and Gasol is not able to defend quick power forwards, neither could Dwight and Lopez.

    If Howard can look like a superstar that he is in the second half of the season, the Nets will give up Lopez in a S&T for Howard in my opinion.

    If Howard really wants to force his way to Brooklyn, he has to accept some paycut.
    If the Nets can turn Humphries’ expiring contract + Marshon Brooks + maybe even their first round pick into a big Trade exception with an under the cap team (maybe the Bobcats, who are supposed to be interested in Hump), that would put them about 2 million below the Apron.

    This way they can get Howard in a S&T for Lopez + other players, where Howard’s contract starts at the same amount as the Nets are sending out.
    (they need to be about 2 million below the apron even after the Dwight trade, because the minimum salary capholds up to a 12 man roster will also count against the cap.)

    After that the Nets will still have 3 tradeable first rounders and a big TE to fill the hole at the PF position ( they will not be able to use that for a S&T-ed player though, only for someone already under contract..), the mini-MLE and veteran minimum exceptions to bolster the bench.

    Do You think this is a more realistic scenario?

  2. Sean

    Thanks for the extended explanation Larry, the Nets scenario seems like when you wish upon a star scenario for Dwight.

    Considering this deal is unlikely, then without getting too detailed, I’m sure the Lakers wouldn’t be amenable to any kind of S & T, Josh Smith isn’t really an option for the Lakers, Houston’s package of potentially Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin with a couple draft picks, isn’t the kind of nibble, the Lakers would consider either. And Dallas has a lot of one year contracts.

    So the real money is on Dwight staying or Dwight leaving, any other scenario is in the improbable stage?

  3. Ted

    No way Nets will trade Brook for Dwight this summer. Therefore, no sign-and-trade that’ll be amenable for both teams.
    It’ll be really difficult for the Nets to go below the apron.

  4. jerry25

    Sheridan is forgetting one simple FACT, they he doesn’t understand.


    I know no non Nets fans would believe it, but Billy King would only trade Lopez for LeBron and Durant, and possibly Irving, if he could get back a top Center by trading a Healthy Deron Williams.

    Howard is damaged goods right now. He doesn’t even have feeling in his foot right now, and he will need shoulder surgery at some point (maybe very soon). He may have even been on PEDs, which the NBA will start testing for.

    I was one of the biggest advocates for Howard. But things have changed.

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